Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Exciting Day

Exciting day here. It's the Little Treasures Consignment sale so I get to stock Kendall's closet for Fall. I'm meeting my two bestest friends there so we can elbow, pull hair, and scratch together to get the cutest clothes.

Another SUPER exciting thing. Lately I have not been able to stop thinking about how it would be great to be able to turn this blog into a book. Not for sale obviously but as the ultimate scrapbook/journal with pictures, a day by day account for the last two years of our life. Well, today I found just the site. Blurb.com will turn your blog into a book, I've downloaded the software and I'm currently playing with the format. I'll let you know when it's done just in case you want to order one, ha. I don't know how much one of these babies are going to cost exactly but it looks like a hardcover is going to cost about $50 plus shipping.

Okay, pictures of all my loot to come later, stay tuned


  1. I saw the loot.... and she really did have a great time.

    My kids babysat Kendall and then I got home and got to have time with her for 1.5 hours. She is lots of fun.

    She loved jumping on the trampoline......until I pointed out her dirty feet. Instant wanting off.

    She loved running around playing in the grass with a ball ...... until I told her to be careful of the goose poop on the ground and showed her. Instant hands up for me to pick her up. Too funny!!

  2. OOOH! THat does sound really exciting! A book of your blog! WIth all those adorable pics, you have got to do it!

  3. Lorie, that's hilarious about the dirty feet and goose poop!

    Ooooo I am so making one of those books! We can buy one from each other so we can feel like published authors ;)