Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not much to blog about here. We finally got back to the gym this week, just been hanging around the house cleaning and playing. I finished a bunch of bibs. Kate tried some sweet potatoes. Yep, it's an exciting life.
Today at the grocery store Kendall took my notepad (that has an elastic on it that can be used to keep it closed) and put the elastic around her arm like a purse. I heard her yelling to the meat stocking man, "Guy, look at my arm". One minute she is super timid and shy and the next she is yelling at random "guys". She also has started to wave at random people. As if we didn't have enough strangers stopping us to talk she has to wave 'em down. Gotta love her.
Another super exciting thing around here, I found a way to alter mac n cheese so that I don't hate feeding it to Kendall quite so much. Really, there is so little nutrition in the stuff but she loves it so much that I was super excited to find this in a magazine. I got an organic brand (you can get whole wheat pasta) and instead of adding the milk and butter I substituted a cup of lowfat cottage cheese (pumps up the protein) then I stirred in steamed broccoli and of course the dreaded cheese packet. It still has the sodium and fat but at least it now has protein and green veggies too. Kendall loved it, I tried it and liked it too.
Oh the things that get me excited these days.


  1. YUM! I love the mac & cheese idea. brilliant.

    i love kendall's comments to strangers.

    So, I guess Kate didn't like the sweet potatoes too much?

  2. I was worried for a little bit...you hadnt posted a new one in a few days. I didnt want you to be turning into my mom!! The bibs look great!! So does Kate! :) I love you all!!