Thursday, August 23, 2007

Setting of Priorities

So I'm starting to rethink participating in the art fair this year. I have too much on my plate right now and I want to make these things for fun and right now it is a thing on my to-do list. So, for now I think I will continue to make them and just keep them for myself (er, I mean the girls) and give them as gifts. I have been cleaning out the girls' closets the last couple of days, a near impossible task with a 2 year old. I bought this costume for $1 last year after Halloween. Kendall saw it for the first time and wanted to wear it. She has also learned to put her shoes on herself (Mary Jane's not really her sandals though). I love how she picks up her foot with one hand and tries to place it in the shoe. I guess she sees me picking up her foot so she thinks that she needs to do it too. Here she is sorting through her shoes for something to practice on. We had a productive morning, I was able to vacuum out my car and I traded out Kendall's books (we keep half in the basement and trade them out every once in awhile). See all the shoes on her floor in the picture above? Well, I've cleaned those up and now she is pulling all the books down instead.


  1. oh my goodness...i miss my girls so much! i love you all!

  2. i love the placing the foot INTO the shoe thing. Awesome.