Friday, August 03, 2007

Say Cheese

We're having so much fun in P'cola. Yesterday we crammed ourselves into a photo booth and this series of photos resulted. Photo 1: Kelly: "I don't want him in here" Kendall: "What is going on?" Photo 2: Kristy: "Move your hand, let your brother get in the picture" Photo 3: Ashley: "Let's smile pretty, is my hair okay?" Kelly: "Look at my tooth" Kendall: "ha ha ha" Kristy, "Cheese" Patrick: "Yippee, I'm in the picture" Photo 4: Patrick: "Look I can touch my nose with my tongue. Kelly: "What does this button do?" Ashley and Kristy: "No STOP"
We've made multiple attempts to get Kendall in a sprinkler but with no success. Yesterday we even went to a splash pad. I pretty much forced Kendall to get her feet wet but she wouldn't get any deeper into the water park. After walking to the picnic table she had dirty feet so she ventured back in far enough to clean them off.
It has been fun to introduce Kate and Sam. Even though Kate is 20 weeks and Sam is 6 weeks he still outweighs her by a couple of pounds. He lays on the floor and she rolls around him and drools all over the place. Kelly and Patrick are so sweet but Kendall isn't appreciating it and will say "NO to Kelly if she gets within two feet of her. Last night Kelly was contained in the bathtub and Kendall stood and watched her for 40 minutes. I think that she was just amazed that Kelly was dunking her head under the water without screaming. Kristy is a great mom and I'm picking her brain for parenting tips! Well, I'm off for more fun. I have a TON of pictures I'll add them later!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you're having fun! Yesterday the kids and I went to the mall and ate pretzels by was pathetic and sad.

    Can't wait to see all of your pictures!

  2. too cute!!! I love all of my little cousins (and my gorgeous aunts!) guys didnt get little Sam in on the action??!! :) I love you all!