Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monkey Face

It just keeps getting better. I see a light at the end of this tunnel. I'm anxious to return to Kendall's doctor to get the next set of instructions. Kendall was all smiles again today even during the bath. Kate has started doing this new "monkey" face and when I grabbed my camera to take a picture Kendall

said, "Now my turn" she had to do her own impression. At another point she came walking into the kitchen holding Elmo and "Mimi" saying, "Holding both my girls". Hmmmm, think she has heard that before???

Here are a few of the bibs I've made (in various stages of doneness). I took a short break from them to make some of these bunny bean bags and these play felt cookies (these pictures aren't mine, these are what I'm copying).


  1. Love the monkey face. Love both the monkey girls!!

  2. Those pictures are too funny!

    Hey, where are all the BOY bibs? ;)

  3. Hey Jenn, I'm looking for cute boy fabric, really I am!! I have something in mind that I want and since I'm being so specific I think that I'm overlooking other cute things. I'll try to be more open minded next time I go shopping :) However, I'm not a boy expert you should go with me and pick out some cute fabric!

  4. Let's go! I wanna make some cowboy bibs :)

  5. where do you shop for fabric?

    p.s. LOVE the monkey face.

  6. Hey Jenn, I shop at a local independently owned shop here in town but we have a huge Baer's (sp) fabric downtown that I've been wanting to go to.

    I agree with your earlier post too, we need to get together soon!