Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Day

Kendall's bedroom has been turned into a doctor's office. She is such a trooper and really is blowing me away by her strength and happy demeanor through all of this. I really hate that my two year old even knows what 'gauze' is, I hate that she is having to use her left hand to eat, and I heard the most awful phrase come out of her mouth while I was having to scrub her little fingers: "no, mommy, no". Not something that I ever want to hear one of my girls say. Really I haven't cried very much through this whole thing but that really got me. Other then bath time everything is going great. She laughs, plays, eats, sleeps, and cuddles Kate with all of her normal exuberance. Today she helped me to make this, the newest addition to the Paper Chick line, baby bibs! These two will not be sold just because they were practice and a little too imperfect for me. My sewing machine is acting a little wonky and I'll have to get that straightened out before I make a "real" one but you may see my girls sporting these beauties. Kendall tested it for me a bit today. Here at Paper Chick we're also planning quite a few more additions: a small baby quilt, fabric "cupcakes", dog collars, children's art smocks and possibly a few other fun things!


  1. Very Cute.....

    See you bright and early.... Not looking forward to hearing her say those words in the morning!!!!

  2. OH ASHLEY. Justin and I just got on the web for the first time and got a little teary at the pics. you are such a good Momma. I loved Lorie's comment about how collected you were. Poor Kendall!! She seems to be such a trooper. You two have raised her well.

    Happy Healing Kendall.
    Those bibs are awesome.

  3. I'm sorry, but we can no longer be friends. You are doing all that medical stuff with Kendall AND making bibs?!?! You are too crafty for me.

    But, they are insanely cute!

  4. Wow, I can't believe your quick thinking... I would have done the cold water thing but then just called my mom and waited for her to drive the 2 hours from Indy.

    So, the real important question is... what were you making? I love bacon. Sounds like bacon had a double whammy bad consequence this weekend... At the Weiner dog races, Frank got distracted by a piece of bacon that someone was holding in the lane next to him and had a poor showing.

  5. Hey Justin,
    I think you would have done the same thing. I didn't want to take her out of the bath long enough to even drive her to the emergency room and the other logical option was an ambulance so I called 911. My brain worked that day but it is currently taking a vacation. It remembers the important stuff like feeding times and medication times but is pretty much forgetting every thing else.

    Sounds like Frank loves bacon too. I was making a "Brian is out of town" dinner. It was a pasta with a low fat cream sauce (milk & stock) with just a couple pieces of bacon and brussel sprouts. It is really good, I had it at Kristy's house in P'cola. I don't know if I'll ever feel brave enough to fry bacon again though, I may be baking it in the oven from now on.

  6. So glad Kendall is getting better every day. Things just happen so fast with little ones in the house. I have heard so many stories about these sorts of things happening. Even though our kids are grown, I still find myself turning the handles of skillets toward the center of the stove. And now that Madison is with us, I am so glad that it became a habit!! Love you guys bunches, paula