Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crafty and Furniture

We had a pretty rough day here. Kate had all her shots yesterday and today she wasn't feeling well so was especially grumpy. Kendall just took her cue from Kate and decided that she would be the same way. They didn't play nicely together at all and we just seem to have the longest day ever.
On a more positive note:

Our furniture is scheduled to arrive on Thursday....whooo hooooo, unbelievably excited! And I'm really looking forward to having Lorie and Dani here too!

Loving this messy desk right now. I've said it before but I love a messy desk because it means that I've found time to be crafty and make something. If you read the Ali Edwards blog you have heard about her December Daily project (see hers by clicking on the link in the right sidebar). The idea is to make a simple album with one page for each day of the month of December and then at the end of each day slap a photo and some journaling on that page. You can capture a month of blessings and time with family fairly easily...especially if you have your own photo printer...hint hint (to my hunky hubby).

Here is what I have so far. Its a transparent album (Scrapworks size 8x8). Let me know if you have a question about any one specific product and I'll try to figure out what it is. I usually don't keep that information which is one of the main reasons I don't submit my stuff for publications (well, that and an aversion to rejection, ha).


  1. Too cute! Good for you getting some scrapping done.

    Getting close!!

  2. wow, this is so outstanding. you are so talented. I love the colors and patterns. This will be so fun to fill! I hope you get that photo printer! I saw Ali doing this last year, and I tried, but alas. I'm the scrapbooker that could have been..