Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Fun Fun and some not so fun.

Jenn and Justin weren't here for very long but we were able to cram a lot of fun in during their visit. Kendall loves them so much and Kate was really quick to go to both of them too! They are so great with the girls, reading, play-dohing, and carving pumpkins. They brought wine and juice from their winery visit--so yummy.

On Sunday Gram, Lin, Jill and Jeff all came over for a nice visit. Kendall always had fun goofing off with her Uncle Jeff and they were all such easy company--they brought all the food with them!!! It was great to sit around and chat with all of them.
On Friday Lorie and Dani arrive for a visit, I seriously can not wait. I love having all these visitors!
The not so fun part is that Kate had her 18 month shots (delayed because of the move) and both girls got their flu shots today. I get mine tomorrow. It was an exhausting doctors visit. The girls are both napping now (hopefully for a long time) and I am doing nothing productive! I need a little break :)

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  1. GO IU!!!!

    ...and nice post A! :)