Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running Just As Fast As I Can

Yesterday we had so much fun. The girls were going non-stop all day. I had to wake both of them up(7:00am), dress them and feed them to leave by (7:15). We drove to a nearby college where I ran my first race. Here is me right out of the starting line, I'm in the lower left hand corner. Here is me at the end looking slightly less excited. It only took about 3 hours for the red face to go away. Actually, it was kind of awesome. The first mile was a cinch, the second mile seemed twice as long but the third mile I started to recognize buildings from driving into the campus so it went a lot faster.

After the 5K Kendall ran with Jeff and Jill (who kicked butt in the race) in a kids run around the track.

Then we went to Jeff and Jill house and had so much fun. The girls both took a nap and after Brian, Pat and Jeff ran a few errands they got out the four wheelers. Loved it! They have an enormous yard that we rode in and we got to take them on trails in the woods. Pat has built a few ramps. I went over it, but at a very slow pace, Pat can catch some air though.
photo 1-Brian, 2-Pat in the air, 3-me, do you like my 4 wheeling riding gear? wool coat and flats? 4-me 5-A very cute husband in a backwards baseball cap taking my 'mini-me' for a ride.

After dinner we went to watch Pat's soccer play off game (they WON!). We only made it until half time. The girls were tired and cold, okay, I was a little cold too. On the drive home I took up a habit of Kendall's and realized I was repeating myself. I kept saying, "That was a fun day".

It was a long day for the little monkey. We got home at about 9:15 so they both went right to bed.

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  1. Are you still recovering from your 5K? Hello? Ashley? Two days and no post?

    :) Love you!