Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Living

We're just busy living life here. My awesome friend, Karin, came for a visit this week. I just got home from dropping her off at the airport. We had so much fun checking out little shops around here, watching girl movies, and being crafty (pictures to come later). I miss having her close by!

I picked up this fabulous fabric while she was here but I have to decide what to do with it! I don't want to put it away since I like to look at it so much, it is just sitting out on my desk for awhile.

Kendall had Occupation Day at school yesterday. Our dress up clothes run from Princess to Fairy Princess so the pickins were slim. Karin had the fabulous idea of mail carrier so I made a fast little patch for her sweater and a bag and she was good to go with a bunch of envelopes.

Jenn and Justin (or to us, "The Fuji's")are coming tomorrow, we can't wait. Kendall loves them so much and is really looking forward to seeing them. We don't have big plans, we are just going to grill food and drink wine (they are going to a bunch of wineries before they get here) and hang out together. They are one of my favorite couples in the 'whole wide world' so I can't wait for them to get here :)

Well, better get back to cleaning up before the little ladies wake up!


  1. TOO CUTE!!! i love the postal idea! im going to a dress up party tonight, i wish i could be that cute! haha.

  2. Love the little mail carrier, and that fabric. I almost chose that for my diaper bag panel instead of the birdie fabric!

    Glad you girls had fun. I'm next! I'm next!

  3. Sorry, two comments but...

    Eeek! I just spotted the Olivia fabric!

  4. hey! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality this weekend. We had a lovely time. I love the fabric too, and Kendall's costume was awesome!