Monday, October 13, 2008

Kate-ty Boo

I've been feeling a little sadness over the loss of pig tails in my life since Kendall's haircut. Kate is my newest victim.

Today we had all the carpets cleaned in our house. For the first time in my life I came very close to asking someone to get out of my house. I became very angry with the Sears carpet cleaner when he undermined my authority in front of my own child. That was enough to get me fuming but then he tried to sell me into $400 worth of additional treatments on my carpet, oh brother. Anyway, moving on before I get all fumed up again.

We have these open cabinets in my kitchen that I hadn't decided what to do with. I have been thinking that I want to do a collection of white accessories and then today on a blog I saw this. Perfect! White and my favorite color (green) combined, so coming to a Paper Chick home near you...

And more house pictures for you. I still have to put the artwork on her walls but here is Kate's room for now. I have to decide what to put over her changing table...any ideas?

The flower on the left of the shelf has been moved to the changing table. I want to hang these from the ceiling at varying heights but the thought of putting a hole in the ceiling gives my husband heart palipatations.


  1. the room is so sweet!

    poo on stupid carpet cleaners.

    You rock, Ashley!

  2. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Ashley, I love the cabinets, that is the shade of green I plan to one day use on the glass cabinets in the den, only I will paint all the walls and doors off white or cream. I just don't know when I'll have the emergy to tackle the job.