Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Love

This one.

She is 20.5 months old.

She loves milk or as she calls it "Me-yul".

She isn't a fan of being kissed by her lovey big sister, possibly because she gets tackled for kisses most of the time.

She uses the word 'Mommy' for a lot of things: me, of course, and anytime she wants something..."mommy, mommy, mommy..."

She calls all Sesame Street characters Elmo.

She has a bit of a fascination with shoes. She wants them on if she sees them unless she is in the car then they have to come off immediately.

My two favorite words that she says is "Whoa" and "Kay"

She is a good sleeper.

When she wakes up she just plays in her bed quietly until I come get her.

She is badly in need of a haircut (she has a bit of a mullet)

Unlike her sister at this age she can't be trusted with crayons because they go into her mouth and she can't be trusted with books because she rips them.

In other news, this made me a little sad but also happy to be so missed.

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