Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This One.... 3.5 years old.
...thinks that 37 degrees and snow is not a reason to stay inside
...thinks that 6am is an acceptable wake up call
...comes into my room and plasters herself to my side to "snuggle" at that 6am wake up call.
...makes up songs all day to the tune of Twinkle Little Star or newly learned songs from school.
...realizes if she says a word incorrectly and will work on it non-stop trying to get it right.
...laughs at herself when she falls or trips. having a little trouble obeying the first time I say something.
...has a slight obsession with Dora and her sister's cheeks.
...has astounded her teacher with her coloring skills.
...asks for just about everything when we're in a store (I bet my mom would say this is payback). the 'big girl' but she is still such a little baby--even though her haircut makes her look 15.

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