Thursday, October 09, 2008

This and That

We've just been cleaning this week and our house has been a revolving door of various contractors and estimate givers. Other then that:

Kendall learned a new song at school but the only line she remembers is, "Mother Nature did you sneeze?"

Kate learned her dance moves from her father.

We have lots of blogworthy events coming up. Tomorrow we have a play date here at the house and soon my girlfriend Karin is coming up for a visit. Next Tuesday we are going to Great Grams for our dressup picnic/tea party. In two weekends I will be running in a race, my first! It's just 5K and I haven't really trained for it. I ran once this week and then it rained for two days. Going out again this afternoon. It should be interesting. Maybe if I lay off the Oatmeal Cream Pies it would be easier.

Oh, and a big thanks a lot goes out to Aunt Lorie for this.

Kate loved her present too.

They both send their kisses.


  1. jacket looks great?! I mean Kendall looks cute at least!

  2. Yeah, couldn't resist trying to drive you crazy...and winning points from Kendall at the same time!!

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I love the kisses they are sending Aunt Lorie, I can feel that open mouth wet slobber of Kate's. They are to cute.

  4. Kate needs to put her arms in the air... then she would be dancing like her father.

  5. She needs to do "the sprinkler" - then she would be dancing like Fuji.

  6. Love those dance moves. Way to pass it on Brian ;)

    I will not be showing that Dora jacket to Anna!