Sunday, October 05, 2008

Scratch and Sniff

I wish blogs had scratch and sniff features. My house is so yummy right now. Here is tonight's little piece of heaven.

My mom's banana bread recipe in the oven

Beautiful gourds from Jeff and Jill's garden (and a pantry stocked with tons of fabulous veggies--I'm experiencing a bit of garden envy).

A little work getting done while I'm watching a movie (Mr. and Mrs. Smith).

Life is good.

Here are a couple more from our day.

A little United States puzzle-ing. She totally shocked me by doing the whole thing herself today.

Some Chippy watching. Turns out that Chippy is a quadruplet and they must have gotten their little paws on some caffeine today--they were zipping around like crazy! Reminds me a little of the plunging pictures. Brian is prepared for a sudden chipmunk attack through the window.

Jeff and Pat drove up today and delivered a porch full of pumpkins, all the veggies on the island and a leaf blower for Brian. How great are they? I LOVE having family nearby.

1 comment:

  1. Please tell me the leaf blower isn't for the attack chipmunk! Although that could be pretty funny!

    Love the pictures!!