Thursday, October 30, 2008

Movin' On Up: Furniture Addition

Look what I got today!! So excited. Now we can accessorize and hang stuff on the walls.

Formal living sofa. I LOVE this fabric. There was a huge wall of fabrics to choose from and I went directly to this one. Today I was looking through my binder of decorating ideas and found a page I had ripped out because I liked the pillows on it and they had fabric very similar to this. I'm thinking that once we get something on the walls and a rug on the floor the cream couch and off white walls wont be so obviously similar. I want to get an over sized basket to put the extra pillows in. Also, the back cushions are actually the same fabric as the couch but we also got pillow covers (shown) in the accent fabric.
Funky print chair for Family room, same chair as the 'great brown chair' but just different fabric. We will choose our accent color from here. Either the blue or green but seeing it in the room I'm leaning towards the green. I would show you a picture of the entire room except for two things 1)I want to wait until we have added wall stuff and accessories and 2) our red love seat that is going in the basement is currently pushed against the fireplace until Brian gets home to help me carry it to Man Cave in the basement. The softest fabric on a sofa that you can possibly imagine. I want to wrap up in it and sleep. It is actually a gray green color but looks more gray in this space. The cushions are so firm and perfect....LOVE it.

I have always struggled with decorating mantles and now I have TWO to arrange. At the old house I planned on arranging an assortment of black frames with matted b/w photos in them and I think that I want to hang them on the wall instead and use a more traditional mantel arrangement. Anyone have any ideas bookmarked that they can share? At one point I had found a website that you could browse different decorated rooms....but I don't remember what it was.

Note to all recent visitors. You now have to come back to see the furniture, ha. Give me a few weeks to get some accessories though.

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  1. wow. everything looks so comfy and nice, i love the fabrics! guess we will just have to come back and see it!