Saturday, October 04, 2008

Quick, Quick, Quick

I'm off to bed but wanted to let you know that Kendall finally started talking about a friend in her class and she showed up at the birthday party this afternoon. They were SO CUTE together! Loved it. The mom was great too, we talked a lot. The party was pretty fabulous, they set the bar high for kid birthday parties.

Also, got a few pieces in today!


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    most of all I love the shoes

  2. Hooray!!
    They look sweet together. It looks weird seeing her with a little girl that is not Anna.

    Oh, is her mom's name Jenny?Jen? Jennifer?

  3. I'm only sniffling a little over Kendall's new friend....

    Kidding, of course! They look adorable together :)

  4. I'm how ironic is this. Her mom's name is Jennifer! Figures. Evidently I only befriend Jennifers

  5. EXCUSE ME!! I am not a Jennifer! But I am a cousin...