Saturday, February 16, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Note: I wrote this post weeks ago but I didn't post it because I was afraid that it was too negative and made me sound grumpy. I'm not grumpy though, this is just something that I deal with a lot (sometimes daily) and I just want to send it out there to the blog world.

What not to say to a young mother. Actually, I can't speak for other young mother's so maybe a better title would be "What not to say to me"

1) "You really have your hands full." Really, this isn't an unkind thing to say at all but the irritating part is the frequency with which it is said. I can not leave the house without at least 5-7 people saying it. The first person may receive a smile back and a, "You're not kidding" Like I said, this isn't an unkind thing to say but if you would want to seem sympathetic toward a mom schlepping around 2 kids in a gynormous stroller loaded with coats, snacks, toys, sippy cups, diapers bags (I could keep going) then offer to pick up the jettisoned sippy cup one of the 30 times I have to pick it up or offer to hold the door open for me. These actions will be much more appreciated. For some reason I especially dislike hearing it from the twenty something women working behind the makeup counter who clearly does not have kids. I'm sure it irritates me so much because it is often said with a look of pity. Despite my harried look this is the BIGGEST blessing and I would not have it any other way. I choose to do this all day and night, I cherish each and every moment. So enjoy your kid free, make-up infused, "I shower every day" life but know that I am the lucky one and don't pity me.

2)"When will you start potty training?" (this one really fires me up). Maybe this question is better directed at Kendall because my answer is, "When she is ready". She's a 2 year old that is trying desperately to establish a little independence and I will NOT create an issue out of the one thing that she feels she has some control over. She's not "behind" in any way (no pun intended). Although she has expressed some interest and even had some success in the past she is making it quite clear that she wants nothing to do with it right now, "Maybe tomorrow, not today". We do support and encourage it but we are not going to force it, it's a non-issue and we will not make it an issue.

While I may sound like a grump I assure you that I am not, I type this with a smile on my face and my sense of humor on my sleeve. These are just two conversations I've had lately and I decided to include them here.

On another note, Kate is officially no longer nursing. Talk about cherishing every moment, it brings tears to my eyes just to type it out. Today was our first day sans-nursing. She is one month shy of 1 year old (when I would have weaned her if I weren't going on our trip). She is doing great and helping me out a little by being extra snuggly lately. She'll randomly put her head on my shoulder and just snuggle for a few minutes then lift her head and smile really big with her one tooth grin as if saying, "Don't worry mom, I'm still your baby girl". I have mixed emotions, it's sad but I also feel like celebrating, for the past 3.5 years my body has not been my own. Yes, you read that correctly I have either been nursing or pregnant for that long. I feel like I need to eat sushi and raw oysters and drink unpasturized cider and large quantities of alcohol just because I can, but I won't...well, at least wont drink the alcohol but I can't make any promises about the sushi. YUM!

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  1. Feel free to speak for this young mother as well - it IS annoying, especially when people want to stop and talk about how sad your screaming baby looks. Grrrr.

    Yay for sushi and all the other mommy only goodies! Three and a half years is a serious accomplishment and you deserve to party!