Friday, February 22, 2008

Brian got a new blackberry for work, it has a camera on it. This is what he sees from his desk.


  1. You always look absolutely beautiful!...even when you are at home with your family!! (brat!)...haha

    Oh...let me know how he likes his blackberry because I am thinking about getting myself one! ...cue the excitement! EEE! ...okay, high pitched squeal! ...and yes, I know I am a dork and get excited over anything, including things that get me organized and help me stay (semi) organized! (too bad my house doesn't resemble what I have envisioned in my head!)

  2. Nathan is looking at something similar right now!

    Is that an AE font I see?

  3. Ha ha thanks Jess, maybe I should make all photos of me blurry if you think I look "beautiful"

    Brian loves his blackberry. He has had one for awhile but just upgraded to an international one, it just happened to have a camera. He loves it but I'm not quite so fond of it. When he first got it I woke up hearing clicking one morning...not happy about that, ha. But I do like to be able to communicate with him when he is in long meetings or on trips. I had a blackberry for awhile that was supposed to keep me organized but I decided I like to use a calendar better, I like to see the whole month at a time and I like to see my own handwritting too. I did like the solitare function though. :)

    Hope you get just what you want!

  4. Oops, I didn't have a blackberry, I meant to say I had a palm pilot. I would like a blackberry though.

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    wow! what a sparkly earring.