Friday, February 22, 2008


Today I'm just trying to tie up a few things. I ran out to get some Draino for our clogged sink, blah. I decided to go to the emergency care center (since my doctor's office wouldn't answer their phone). I had a feeling that I was getting what Kate has and didn't want to be in Europe without any meds. Lorie was great and told me to drop the girls off with her so they wouldn't get infected with any emergie care germs. On the way to Lorie's we ran by the bank, after leaving the bank I hear Kendall in the back on her cell phone (really, I don't know where she learned to talk on the cell phone....really, any ideas??) Here is her conversation:

To me she says, "Oh, it's JESUS!"
"Hi, you're right beside me and in the sky but I can't see you"
"We are going to see Lorie and Mommy is going to the doctor because her head hurts, but she'll be okay. We went to the bank, they didn't have any treats, oh, but that STINKS!"
Then to me she says, "It's Mary!"
"Hi Mary, You're my best friend for evah and evah, you're a princess"

I was trying to hold it in but at this point the giggles burst out. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the entire conversation.

Oh, another funny comment I heard today was from the doctor that came into the exam room to treat me. I know that he was trying to be funny because we have seen him before and was trying to get us to laugh then too. When he walked in he said, "How are you....blah blah blah" "So you don't feel well, you stay at home and your life is boring?" Wha? Huh? Brian says I laugh when I'm in an uncomfortable situation...this one would qualify. The doctor was glad that I laughed though, I could tell he was just trying to be funny...I think. Anyway, the emergie care center feels that if you go to all the trouble to come visit them and laugh at all their jokes they have to reward you with a prescription so even though my ears look "perfect" my chest is clear and my white blood cell count was great I was declared to have a "sinus...." that is what he said, "You have a sinus..." and didn't finish. I'm really relived to know that I have a sinus cavity, you know. Life would be so much more difficult with out one (I think). Anyway due to the fact that I have a sinus I got a yellow paper with a signature that allows me to take drugs. AND since I'm not nursing I can take them.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you now that you have THE Sinus Confirmation. What a HUGE relief that must be!

    And be sure to take the drugs or at least get them filled to take with you because having a sinus is no picnic on plane rides. Although you have more flying experience than what I do...not to mention everyone in your really I am just telling you this to make myself feel better (motherly instincts, I suppose) rather than for the sole purpose of making sure that you are informed! humph...imagine that, I rambled again.

    Homework is calling my name...and he is SUCH A PUNK! And I do NOT mean that in the nice PW way!

    PS...Sorry 'Uncle' S if my sarcasm was I'm not, if you diagnose people with a sinus I am making fun of you too. :0 haha

  2. Ask Kendall to tell Jesus I said hello. I plan on talking to him later, but she may have a better connection than I get. Can you hear me now? How 'bout now? Jesus, you there? Jesus? Please put your mother on the phone! Jeeeesus!