Monday, February 04, 2008


When Kendall was about one year old Brian and I decided to start teaching her another language. The dilemma was deciding which language! We had both taken Latin in highschool, I took Spanish in college but we wanted a language that would flow easily for her so we decided to try a variety to see which she took to naturally. Amazingly Kendall is naturally fluent in Swahili, the mother tongue of the Swahili people, who inhabit several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from southern Somalia to northern Mozambique. Sadly it only comes out when she reads to herself. Here is an example:

We're obviously really proud, tee hee.

Tonight she was so sweet. We were eating dinner together and she had told me she was done. Of course, being a mom, I was telling her how many more bites had to be consumed before she could get up when she said, "Thank you for cooking dinner for us." I was actually speechless; it was so sweet and perfect!


  1. I love Kate's little, "heh heh" at the end. She's saying, "Mommy is totally buying this!".

    Super cute!

  2. I wasn't sure if people would be able to her the "heh heh" I love her laugh, it sounds so fake and forced :)

  3. Too funny, I am glad you got it on tape. It is so funny how she only talks that way when reading. Love how Kate is just playing along beside her doing her won thing.