Monday, February 04, 2008


Lost: 8 million pacifiers that ensure a full nights sleep. Pink, ugly, and the only ones that she wants. Not available in stores so not easily replaced; they have to be ordered online. We are down to ONE and it occasionally gets jettisoned outside of the crib and screaming ensues. Please come home Gumdrop Pacifiers.

WANTED: Yukon Hybrid. Please honey? I will try my very hardest to not ram Jennie's Lexus from behind and I will try equally hard not to ram into the garage door, I will even limit the toddler snacking to ensure a clean vehicle. To top it all off I will also make cucumber salad every week for the next year.


  1. Do you get the vanilla scented pacifiers?

    What is your special cucumber salad recipe?

    love, pk

  2. Last time I got the vanilla scented ones I don't know if they are necessarily better but work just as well. The scent doesn't last long.

    Brian's favorite thing in the world: "Cucumber Salad"
    *3 cucumbers
    *3/4cup water
    *3/4cup vinegar
    *1T sugar
    *1/4t salt
    *pepper to taste (lots of fresh ground)
    Personally I would add onion to this but he likes it as is. Enjoy!

  3. kristy10:38 AM

    I saw the hybrid yukon last night on the Super Bowl ads and mentioned it to Pat. Oh la la. I need the XL though. Size matters in vehicles!

  4. I am sorry, but if I give you my pink gumdrop pacifiers I will no longer be able to sleep at night either. Then my screaming would ensue and then Paul would move to the couch.
    I feel for her! It is tough business to be so very attached to something to be able to sleep at night! :)

  5. Dear Brian,

    I am writing to encourage you to purchase the Yukon Hybrid for your wife. It's big enough that we could all just pile in together and then there would be no danger of us ramming our cars into each other. Problem solved, and a happy wife too! Talk to Nathan. I'm sure he will see the logic in this.

    p.s. I should get one too so that we can split the milage and gas cost :)