Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Poor Kendall, I don't have any Dora socks"

For the past few weeks Kendall has randomly declared, "I don't have any Dora socks, poor Kendall" I don't know where she got it in her head that she needed them or where she ever saw them. I mentioned this funny comment to Susan and Ron (Brian's parents) in an email the other day and guess what arrived in a Valentines package this week? Yep, Dora socks & panties too! Kendall seems surprised and says, "I've been talking about Dora socks!!" She also received some light up dress shoes and Kate got cute little blue Crocs to match her sister's. This is how I found Kendall after her nap (she has recently decided pants aren't for sleeping) shoes on her feet and socks clutched tightly. At least she isn't demanding to wear them together.


  1. I am so happy for Kendall! I know how important Dora socks are because I live with Stella. She just informed me today that one of her Dora socks has a hole in it, and said, "You can sew it, okay Mom?" I have to admit, usually if the kids get a hole in their sock, I tell them to throw it in the trash. Guess that won't happen this time!

  2. Looks like Anna has been passing her nap time hints to Kendall. No pants and fancy shoes is the way to go!

  3. Oh my! That is so funny!! And sooo cute!
    I have to tell on myself and Michael here. Michael had holes in the toes of his footed-pajamas and they were beyond repair because he was just TOO tall for them. I kept talking to him about it, trying to get him to give them up. Nope...didn't work, so finally one day I cut out the feet in all those pajamas (3 pairs) thinking that it would keep him from wearing them. Wrong again! He was very upset with me and told everyone how I had "cut off his feet!" Finally he let go of the footless pajamas...or so I thought...and I threw them away. About an hour after they had been thrown in the kitchen trash and cut up veggies dumped on top, he comes into the kitchen hollering at me..."MOM...WHAT?...MY...MY FAVORITE JAMMIES!!"
    "Sorry Bud, but they were just too small and you have tons of jammies to wear."
    "But these were my favoritest."
    Good luck, A! ...I know that death grip she has on those Dora socks!