Monday, February 18, 2008

One Sick Munchkin

20 minute nap
102.2 fever
1.5 hours in doctor's office
2 yucky tonsils
2 ears checked (no fussing)--clear
1 strep test (A little irritated and some growling) clear, but they aren't "100% accurate"
1 flu test in the nostril (1 ticked off little girl but she recovered) clear
1 blood test (she was fed up and the temper came out) not so good, it's bacterial but at least we get to treat her now. Antibiotic, lots of fluids and ibuprofin for the sore throat. The doc said that Kate probably wouldn't want to eat since it hurts but we were late eating dinner since we were there so long and Kate had no problem putting away the food!


  1. Poor little girl. :o( I hope she is feeling beter soon!

  2. Poor Kate! But I can't help but to laugh at your description.
    (And I am one of those mean people in the dr's office that ticks off the kiddos!)

  3. Ashley, I must say I daily enjoy reading your blogs even though I have never met you! By the way, very excited for you and husband for your trip to Europe!

  4. I was going to say that I hope she's smiley again soon, but I bet she still is!

    Glad you're getting her all better :)

  5. Thanks for reading. We're excited too, counting down the days now.