Saturday, February 09, 2008

Feelin Fine

Okay, my flight is booked and seriously I'm not really that worried about the girls anymore. I honestly think that it will be fine, the initial shock of leaving them hit hard though and I'm sure it will return full force as I'm giving them hugs goodbye. Brian and I are by flying out on the same day I'll just be two hours behind him (and in different connecting cities). I'll go to the airport with him and just wait around for my flight and in Budapest he will get there two hours earlier and he'll wait around for me. Eek, I'm incredibly excited. I've received some "looks" today because at various moments I've let out what I imagine is a pretty obnoxious and shrill shrieking noise (#1 when I found out that my favorite type of wine, Reisling, is their specialty and #2 when I found out that I'll get MORE stamps in my passport when we go over to Austria). Hmmm Austria, I wonder if I'll run into Capt Von Trapp?!?

Anyway, last night Brian was a super dad and husband and I went to a friends house for a scrap night. He had only one problem of HUGE proportions when we realized that Lorie had Bunny with her (Bunny is Kendall's cuddly that she has never spent a night without). Lorie and Dani rushed it over and the night went smoothly from there. The scare has sent me on a wild chase through the internet to find a backup in case of emergancys though (no luck yet). Uh oh, I just found Bunny online. She is retired and the only one I can find is $50 on eBay!! Crazy. I got quite a few pages done but I'm not crazy about all of them, here are a couple though.

This one still needs journaling:

Oh, I love these little trays from Target, they remind of my lunchroom trays. They are so cute and Kendall likes to eat off them too. Except, I guess that Clemintine was a sour bite.


  1. kristy4:27 PM

    i like the christmas page the best!

  2. I can't click and enlarge the pics anymore! Booo!

    The pages still look cute though :)

  3. My bet is that you have to fill each space in the tray with something. Who wants and empty space? I love the pages and the tray, but especially the face.

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I can't enlarge the pics either.