Friday, February 15, 2008

Let the Count Down Begin

Sorry one more picture of my tulips because I love them so much. After consuming entirely too much chocolate and ice cream I was disappointed to see the Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition in the mail today. Brian throws it away but I always look at it first (is this supposed to feature swimsuits because some of the girls forgot to put parts of theirs on?). Anyway, it made me want to go to the gym, right after I finish this box o' chocolate flavored thigh increasers.

We made our list of things to do in Europe. Do you remember Krisztina and her husband Tamash that we had for Thanksgiving two years ago? Well, they are back in Budapest and she is going to take our list and make an itinerary for us and show us around some while we are there. So nice. And two other coworkers, Zsolt and Viki, will show us Vienna and Szentendre. We'll also have some time when we are on our own too. Eeek, I'm just so excited. At one point there was talk about skiing in the Alps but that idea has been nixed. I was game but I was going to write good-bye letters to my girls first. Being a Florida girl I'm not much of a skier!

Another great thing, Ron, my father-in-law, is going to come up for part of the time we are gone so the girls will get to spend time with both their Gram and Pop S! I feel great knowing that they will be so loved while we are gone.

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