Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bear With Me

this keyboard is very different so bear with me folks. we are having a blast. for those of you that know brian you wont be surprised that his luggage still hasnt arrived, poor guy. we are currently in vienna and his luggage should arrive with a few hours. we arrived yesterday about 230 local time, got to the hotel, showered and headed out. we did a little exploring on our own and then met for a fancy shmancy dinner with the team at the Kogart an art museum/restaurant. it was fabulous, i may have embarrassed brian by my constant "mmmmmm-ing" we had four courses and it took four hours!! i had spicy goat cheese over mixed greens with some fabulous vinaigrette, goulash, filet with goat cheese, and creme-brulee. today we ate at the hotel for breakfast....mistake!!!! we were short on time and went to the buffet, we each had a yogart, fruit and bacon and a pastry and spent about 50 dollars, oops. here in vienna we were upgraded to the executive floor so we get free breakfast, we had free drinks and 'snacks' tonight and the use of this computer with the wonky keyboard. today we went to vissegrad (i dont have my guide book so spelling will be all off) its a castle built in the 15th century that overlooks the Danube. i had some serious car sickness on the way. luckily i didnt 'barf' as brian calls it. i took a Dramamine before we left and took another 10 minutes into the trip, ha. granted it was about 3am according to my body and i had eatten an expensive breakfast then thrown in the back of a FORD FOCUS!!!! and took on a crazy hairpin curved road up 1200 bumpy feet. but i held it in then we went to a basilica on the Hungary-Slovakia boarder and even went down to the crypt and saw where pope john paul II had visited one of the hungarian cardinal's bodies. next to lunch where the menu kind of frightened me..."cow knuckles" --i'm not sure but i dont think that is even in my freezer so i just had more goulash. we went to one of our guides town--Tata, it was beautiful and my favorite pics so far are from there. then the long drive here to vienna it is GORGEOUS, i love it. its a mix of NYC and europe with bustling fancy shops, lights, and beautiful architecture and buildings. we also went to cafe demel. i had hot chocolate and some kind of coffee flavored cake and brian had carrot cake, his was better. super yummy stuff. tonight we just ordered in room service. brian has a work call and im here in the executive lounge surrounded by german, polish, hungarian languages. all these countries are so incredibly close and they all speak different languages, its crazy. tomorrow we will take a tourist bus that we can get on and off of, explore on our own then take the train back to budapest. sorry, no pictures for you guys just yet. we are taking them though, i just cant load them on this computer. if you want to send me a message i will more likely read-approve (or not approve) comments here then my email. i'll do this first and if there is time go to the email. love to you all. ps the shift key is on of the keys in the wrong place that is why this is all lowercase


  1. Mmmm, cow knuckles.

    Sounds like you're having so much fun! It sounds fabulous and I can't wait to see your pictures! So good to hear from you :)

  2. I am so jealous!! What a great trip!! Have more fun and take more pictures!! Be safe!

    love, paula

  3. yay! So glad you are having fun! Sounds very adventurous! Especially the yummy food. Man, I'm jealous!

  4. I remember the keyboards. Funny.

    I saw your babies and they are being well taken care of by a loving Gram.

    Love you and keep having fun!!