Thursday, February 21, 2008


I was just looking over our "program" (itinerary) for our trip. Krisztina did an awesome job, she included website links to each of the places we are going to visit, how cool is that?! I'm going to each site and printing off different stuff on the history of the places and I'm going to make a little folder of stuff to read either on the plane or the night before we visit each of the places. Here is a little sampling of some things. We will be taking a 'break' at Cafe Demel. Now this is my kind of break! Check out the chocolate in the window, ah bliss. These kind of recharging stops are of utmost importance on this vacation, I'm glad all parties involved realize this. We will also watch the morning practice of Lipizzan Stallions. We'll possibly be having lunch here, you can click on the English version at the top right or whatever other place we stumble on. I'm excited to go to open air 'markets' at each of the cities we visit I want to see how people shop for their food and see local crafters and their works. We're also traveling via train between Austria and Hungary so I we'll see the land and non-touristy areas. Breakfast the following morning will be here (Am I posting too much about food? I don't have to cook it or clean it so it's a big deal. Oh, I also don't have to spoon feed anyone other then myself.... hopefully). Later it will be on to Lake Balaton to see sites and to take a ferry for more sites. After lunch (I'll spare you another food link) we are going to go to Szentendre for shopping and dinner. The next day we'll go to the Museum of Fine Arts, I'm so excited. Some of you may know that I was an art major; I love to see things that I studied in school in real life! Some of the works that I'm especially excited to see are by Raphael, Bronzino (they have a work by him that I referenced in one of my big papers) and Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci! Crazy cool. Once they drag me out of there we'll visit Margaret Island, Gellért Bath (yes, we decided to do this) and that night to the opera followed by dinner here. These aren't all the things we're doing but just a sampling. Luckily I'll have 15 hours to recover coming home (ha)


  1. I am sorry, but I HAVE to say this.
    Bath..... hot tub? I remember something about a strange rash........


  2. Some of you may remember my unfortunate incident that involved "Hot Tub Foliculitus" after one of our Brown County trips (see Archives, Februrary 06 or 05??). I haven't been in a hot tub since. I have been assured that this specific bath location is especially clean. We'll see.

  3. Crazy cool, indeed.

    I especially enjoyed this post because you know I love me some links :)

  4. How exciting! I have been reading your excitement for the last few weeks and only feeling a little excitement but knowing that it would be exciting. But WOW listening to that trip and itinerary sounds awesome! I am so happy for you. And I will continue to be happy for you if you take lots of pictures to share with us. ...oh! Is there something wrong with what I just said!??