Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Favorites

Just want to revisit a few 2008 memories.
My hairdresser tried to convince me my hair was curly. I tried to do as she instructed (but I may have tried to hurry it along or something). The result wasn't so cute.
The shoe obsession has already started. Kendall tries to help the poor girl out.

Visits from two of the coolest people out there and Frank the dog left a little present on our bed for us that day too. My little Chicklet
Our trip to Europe. I ran like the wind in Vienna, my feet didn't even touch the ground...seriously, look at them! The kids on the sideline cheered me on and gave astonished looks at my 20 kph.

Check out that table of desserts in Budapest!
Sadly, this little habit (fingers in nose) hasn't ceased. Even more sadly these park picnics with best pals have ceased
Walk for Diabetes for Logan (!) and a fun day at the amusement park.

June: Trips to Paris for interviews and the house hunt secretly begins

We start to say good bye and Aunt Kim gets married.


Final photo shoots with our favorite photographer (Aunt Lorie)

Last days spent with friends at the pool.

September:The big move. The big first day of school.


My first (and thus far only) 5K
A visit from our favorite photographer!

A visit to the Chick family in Florida!
December:Friends then family and a Christmas to remember.

It has been a great year!

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