Friday, January 09, 2009

The Story

Some of you know about this already since I've been chatting about it on Facebook but here is the scoop.
Two days ago I received a short email from Brian (from work) saying he would have to go to France on the 26th. Shortly after that I called him and said, "SO, we're going to France?" He chuckled and then to my surprise said, "We'll see what we can do." I didn't really get excited because it was just two short weeks away and there was no way I could arrange childcare.

The girls and I remained excited about our upcoming visit with Lorie and Alex. Yesterday Brian sent me another email that said he had received the particulars of his trip and asked if Lorie and Alex could delay their trip a week and stay a couple days longer. That was a lot to ask of Lorie but you bet I jumped on it and immediately started emailing and talking with her. Just a short one hour later Lorie called me and said, "Book that trip."

Next Sunday the girls and I will drive down to our old stomping grounds to visit with everyone and then on Thursday I will fly out to Paris while the girls stay with the Lorie family. Alex will still be off of school and I think Dani plans on coming home for the weekend too. Kendall and Kate will have so many distractions and have so much fun with the whole family--CJ always plays with them so sweetly and of course lots of snuggles from Uncle John and Aunt Lorie (completely spoiled they'll be) . It's a comfort to me because yesterday Lorie called no less then 4 times to tell me how she couldn't stop thinking about it that she was so excited.

I get to visit with the best friends a girl could ask for and I'll be in Paris for my Birthday, the big 2-9!!

On a side note we think we FINALLY found a church we like. We filled out a little card this week and just now a gentleman just stopped by with a loaf of some kind of cinnamon cakey bread and a welcome packet. So nice!

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  1. yippeeee! I am so excited for you.