Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

At the urging of Lorie I'm doing a quick blog post. We've been having a blast. John took Dani, Alex and me out for sushi, Lorie brought a ton of toys home from preschool for the girls. Kendall has been so sweet with Ollie. I love to hear her talk to him: "What's wrong Ollie? Aunt Lorie will be home in a little while."
On the drive here a gas station attendant gave Kendall these "ear muscles"

We got to visit with little best friends and last night Karin brought over a birthday cake and we got to have a little visit.

Both girls are napping and I'll be leaving for the airport in a few minutes. They're going to have a blast, Alex is taking them to Chuck-E-Cheese tomorrow. I'm not really worried about them but I still occasionally get a nervous pit in my stomach thinking about leaving. Ah, mommy-hood.


  1. All went to bed without a problem. Now, I am heading to bed. Know that it is quiet here.

  2. I understand your concerns, Ashley, but the girls will be fine. I hate to tell you but they will have so much fun with Aunt Lorie and family that they may not miss you all that much......

    My son called them ear "muffins"....

    Have fun and don't worry!!! Be safe. Blog if you can....paula