Friday, January 23, 2009

Update On The Kids

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
We miss you, but are having fun while we wait for you to return.
Alex took us to Chuck E. Cheese today. We had lots of fun!!
Kendall hugged ChuckE once....... and then she was done and this is what she did if he came near her!! You can't tell, but Kate is hanging on even tighter!!

We got new cups and they are some of our favorite things.

We were so tired on the way home. Kate didn't make it, but Kendall talked to Alex and was able to stay awake until we made it home.

We took good naps, but kind of short ones. When Lorie got home, she said we needed to be outside because it was warmer than it has been for a long time. We played for a while, and then it got chillier and she had to put sweaters over our clothes. It wasn't cold enough for our big coats.

Lorie didn't notice that Kate was stepping on the ground that was a little wetter than the other spots. Kate did not like what it did to her shoes, but it didn't stop her going in the grass. Kendall didn't go in the grass after she saw Kate's shoes.

After Kate went to bed, Kendall played Wii with CJ. He said she broke her Mommy's score in bowling. He thinks she is good.

We both went to sleep really good and are sleeping soundly. We love you and hope you are having fun.

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