Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Rough day. Exhausted. I went to a gym class today that was inappropriately called 20/20/20 (supposedly 20 minutes cardio, 20 abs, and 20 something else). It should have been called 60 Minutes Very High Intensity with Extreme Combinations of Dance Moves with Silly Little Names that New People Can Not Figure Out. I either have to go back next week to prove to myself that it can be done or I will hide in shame and embarrassment, I haven't decided which.
We did have a great mail day though. A fun little package arrived from the Sprout Spot bunch. A book, some letter magnets, a cutie pin cushion, and some chocolate covered cranberries (hello, yummy).

Over the last couple days I have been scrappy. A couple of these are heavily influenced by some Ali Edwards layouts I have seen. I still need to add journaling on a couple but I need a new "Archival Pen". Oh I did one other one that I really like of Kendall and Anna but I can't include it because of a last name and city on it.

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  1. All very cute! Email me the one of A & K!