Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amazing Restraint

We're getting things situated for the trip here. We're dropping off library books, picking up snacks and entertainment for the drive to Aunt Lorie's...Yesterday, while at Target, I exercised some amazing restraint. I found a very cute bag for $30 that would have been a perfect carry on for the long flight. I carried it around in my cart the whole time we were there but I ended up putting it back. I'm trying to save up all the spending money I can to have in Paris. I'm sure $30 wont buy me a purse there though, ha.
It's so slushy and freezing here. I wouldn't mind staying holed up in the house for the week but I feel too guilty, Kendall keeps asking me to go for a walk, ha. Never mind that the snow is to her knees or that it is 7 degrees outside. I took the girls to the play area at the mall yesterday. They had fun and like they do at every playground they never left the slide. I think we're going to break down and buy a slide to have in the basement. They will spend 60 straight minutes going up the ladder and down the slide (in various positions...backwards, upside down, on their knees).


  1. !! : )
    Beware... the slide in your basement is likely not to get the same "attention" it gets when they come across them elsewhere!! (Of course, I could be totally wrong?!)

  2. slide or not to slide...

    good luck with all your trip preparations!! I am so excited for you!