Saturday, January 03, 2009

Love It

I love all the attention my Inbox is receiving over this dog gone post. Thanks for all the encouragement, warnings, stories and offers to keep said pup while we are in Paris (Thank you Momma)! I know that I am not ready for a doggy. After 3.5 years of middle of the night wake ups I have reached a point where I am really cherishing my sleep. My night stand is crowded with parenting books that I need to read and learn how to best raise these two little munchkins (who have been having a bit of a behavior hay day lately) before I add in dog training books to the mix.

Despite my cuddly baby time 'needs' I REALLY know I'm not ready for that again. Maybe I can talk a sister into having another one so I can just cuddle hers, or Jennie...I think you are about due for another one aren't you!?

Right now we are just focusing on our family of four. Enjoying this new little 'village' and soaking up (and recording) all of the toddlerness that we can. We're loving the now and looking forward to our Paris adventure down the road. I can't wait to see our little family grow closer by learning about the new culture and banding together. We'll be exploring (and probably stumbling) around a bit and creating more memories.

So tonight, I will crawl into my bed and sleep until the morning. Tomorrow I won't have to walk out in the cold and snow and try to convince a four legged creature to potty or rush home from an outing to let him outside. Life right now is good.

P.S. Just an afterthought: I wasn't really in the market for a doggy. I dropped off clothes at the used clothing store and had 45 minutes that I had to entertain the girls while the lady looked through the clothes and so we walked to the pet store next door. But, I did love that little doggy, he was super cute and has provided lots of fun conversations around the house today.

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  1. Good plan. He's an adorable doggie, so I resisted the urge to scream DON'T DO IT! Maybe when both girls are in school....