Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cinderella, Cinderella

I wonder if I could find a book about Cinderella cleaning the master bathroom. I did not set Kendall up for this picture, I was cleaning up tonights post-Kate's dinner mess and Kendall really wanted to do it.

Also, took this tonight during our bedtime routine.


  1. That is so darn cute!!! So fun.
    I loved being able to hear her voice singing it. And I see her several times a week.

    I wish we could get Kristy to do this with her kids. Wouldn't it be fun to see them too?

  2. Squishy. Adorable. So lovey in the fleece sleeper :)

  3. Ashley, that is wonderful!! I loved hearing her sing and I love singing that with the boys! It warms me all over!!

    Oh and Lorie...subtle!...but good job...Kristy are you taking the HINT?!?

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    OK OK. How can I do it? I have a DVD recorder. Will that work?

    Kelly wants to watch more Kendall videos. So how about it?

  5. Hee hee, I'm calling you now K

  6. Yay!! It is official.. She has one!!!

  7. Woohoo!! She has delurked!! HI KRISTY!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Now we had to go back and watch all your videos. Kelly is shocked that Kate can stand up. She called Tanky in to watch with her and she held his arm for the duration of the videos to make sure he was facing the screen. No worry, he wasn't leaving. He stared with a dumb grin the entire time we scrolled through them all. Each time I would scroll past a video they would yell, "Stop. Watch that one!"