Thursday, January 03, 2008

So She Says

Kendall has been saying the cutest things lately. Yesterday I was listening to her while she played and I heard her say, "We are little children" I have no idea where she heard that one.

While we were in the car yesterday I was listening to a mixed CD that sweet Dani made for me and Kendall started to ask for her "monkey music" (Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack) but I wanted to hear the new CD so I said, "Oh, you'll like this song, it's about love". She did in fact like it and when the next song came on she asked, "Is this song about snuggles?"

This morning we're going to Noah's Ark with Jennie, Anna, and Noah and I have both girls dressed now. When I sat Kate on the floor and Kendall saw her for the first time--in an outfit from cousin Kelly-- Kendall said, "Oh Kate, you're so pretty" then she looked at me and said, "Can I wear that outfit?" I explained that it was too small for her and she just turned and said, "Maybe this summer." Evidently this is going to be a very good summer. At Nancy's house Kendall kept asking to go in the pool and we told her we would go this summer so she thinks everything will happen then.

And finally, she can sing her ABC's!!!! So cute. Well, she skips the 'J', I don't know what she has against the J but it hasn't made it into her alphabet.


  1. That is sooo cute!! I love the things they come up with. Good to have you home! Love you!

    P.S. Can't wait till this summer! ha!

  2. I am totally offended that she skips the J! ;)

    No really, how do they keep getting cuter?!

  3. I, like jen05, am totally upset that she doesn't recognize my letter.

    Major cuteness on the blog. I miss a few days of internet and wow! So much going on in your lives!!