Thursday, January 24, 2008


About to leave for Bible Study but I had an idea for a quick post. I have a file of scrapbooking things that inspire (both a paper file and a computer file). Here are a few things--not that I have made that are inspiring me right now. Enjoy.

GASP, another non-Kendall and Kate post. I may start getting threatening emails from the grandparents soon. thing that Kendall says that I love! She calls Kate "Sweet Pea" as in, "I'll be right back sweet pea" or "You're okay sweet pea". I also love that I went upstairs last night after the girls were in bed and I walked past Kendall's door and heard singing. Love that, she is really in to singing right now and just goes from one song to the next creating her own remixes. For example... Jesus loves me, this I know, Jeeeee-sus loves me this I know, Jeeeeeeee-H-I-K-K..."

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