Thursday, January 24, 2008

One Last Thing

You may not find this nearly as funny as I did but here are emails that have been shooting into my Inbox at an alarming rate today. Today Brian received an email at work about "being green". In an attempt to give Nathan, our recycling guru, a bit of a hard time he sent the following email to Jennie, Nathan, and me:
Nathan, thought you might be interested in this statistic from the
bottom of the message: On average, 475 sheets of paper per year could
be saved if an office worker reduced his margins from the default setting of
1 in to 0.50 in.

I also heard about another statistic,
published in the Progress Report on S family Spending: On average, a
scrap-booker can save $150 per year in fancy paper by reducing
margins to
0.01 in and placing only one trinket/fastener within each 3-in radius.

Wow, Brian. You really know your stuff! I could tell by your use of the
phrases "fancy paper" and "trinket/fastener". Have you considered getting into a
side business with your wife? Maybe whipping out a few greeting cards in your
spare time?

You might call it "whipping out a few greeting cards" - I prefer to call it
"scrap night with the guys." Nathan, you gonna be at Archiver's tomorrow

He is SO there. He'll be the one wearing the "craft apron".

At this point I could stand it no longer and had to chime in:
You think Brian is joking but I saw him tonight making an Excel spreadsheet
that had all the layouts he wanted to make. There were columns for paper type,
embellies” (embellishments), and adorable quotes to include on the page. He
packed up the rolling tote bin that he picked up at Michael's tonight.


I knew it. This weekend Nathan kept getting into my supplies. He said he was
just "organizing" but later I saw some brads fall out of his pants as he walked
by. I think I saw some glitter in his hair too. Nathan's new "laptop bag" sure
seems to have a lot of pockets..... p.s. While reading this, be sure to
insert "air quotes" as needed.


  1. You don't have to tell me that embellies = embellishments. I'm not a novice!

  2. Ha ha, we crack ourselves up.

    I honestly don't think I'll be able to see the word "trinket" ever again without laughing.

    Thanks for all the wonderful blog posts to read. I hope you have had a wonderful day!

  4. Ok, I must break my long silence now that I have officially been "outed" (yes, air-quotes) as the recycling guru. However, I still have a lot to learn from Brian, who is the undisputed champ of embellie conservatism.

    I am confident that together we can push green scrapping to the tipping point and beyond.

  5. Okay A!! I am terrible about being a consistent blogger, but YOU are always posting! So I guess that you think since it was your birthday that we will forgive you for not posting for 2 days!! Man-o-man...I want to see my little cousins!! Heellloooo Kendall...Heelllloooo Kate!

    Okay...I forgive you! Love you!

  6. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Nathan and Brian came out of the craft closet!

    P.S. You need to be my neighbor so I will have someone to make me scrapbook and your kids will get the best teachers!