Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stay At Home Mom-itis

By 9am the beds were made and the hardwood floors were swept & mopped. Shortly after I was showered and dressed and the girls were also dressed. Right now both girls are sleeping after having had a little bit of play and exercise time. But I can't sit and relax and appreciate the sparkly floors because I can't stop thinking about the master bath that could use a good scrubbin'. Is it just me or do other Stay at Home Moms feel like they have to keep moving and feel guilty if they just sit and relax? Maybe it has nothing to do with my 'occupation' but instead an obsessive compulsive personality?
Here is Kate and my future son-in-law Noah. Below is a video(!! if it works!) of Anna and Kendall at the Pirate Ship. At the end watch how they band together to gang up on the other little girl. They aren't violent they just stare at her until she feels uncomfortable and runs away. Couple o' bullies in pony tails is what Jennie called them.


  1. So cute! Love the video :)

    And my future daughter in law looks pretty adorable too!

  2. I feel that way and I don't have kids. I am constantly in motion.
    :-) Although I don't remember EVER mopping my hardwoods...oops.