Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Fun

Since installing the Site meter we have been visited by 1,500 people from 25 US states and 15 countries!! Hello Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Spain...

Site Meter also shows what search words were used in search programs like Google to reach your site. Here are a few of my favorite:

“shoes or boots or heels or sandals or stilettos we switched"

“with her socks off”

  • "trampoline static hair"
  • "giving instruction from paper"
  • "Volvo at Wholefoods"
  • "Has landed chicken"
  • "Eviction Notice Paper"
We just got home from church and Panera, both girls are napping now. I did one more Kate scrapbook page but I want I feel like it is still missing something so I'm not prepared to post it yet. I'll do more soon and do another big scrapbook page posting.


  1. Is it hard to install this site meter? It might be fun to see who is lurking at the blog?

    love, paula

  2. Hey Paula, not it's not too hard and it is a lot of fun to see who is on the blog and a little addicting! Click on the site meter icon from my blog (top right) and it will lead you to their site.