Sunday, January 13, 2008


So I'm a little behind here. We're still in the midst of sleep deprivation & chronic meltdowns so I'm pretty much useless all waking hours and our waking hours start before 6am but I'll try to catch you all up. Friday night the Weires gals and I were going to go see a new movie, my friend Jennie was going to come along too. Well, it turns out that the movie we planned on seeing didn't come out this Friday like we had thought. Jennie and I already had our husbands trapped into "babysitting" so we still went out and saw the movie Juno. I was afraid that I wouldn't like it but it was actually pretty funny and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and talked way too much about our kids. Saturday morning Brian got his much talked about hair cut, "the Brittney". I really LOVE it. While he was in China everyone told him that he looked like this guy from the show Prison Break and now he does even more! I love how he took a picture of it just like I do and do you see me in the first picture?

Saturday morning we also did a big grocery trip. I love having a fully stocked fridge and pantry! Lorie came with us and on the way home it was decided (by Kendall) that Kendall would be going to spend the afternoon at Lorie's house. They played outside, took a nap (Kendall slept ON Alex), and then we were to exchange the goods (Kendall) that afternoon at CJ's indoor soccer game. WHOOO HOOOO an afternoon with only one child??? What would this feel like? It was time for Kate's nap too so the possibilities excited me beyond reason. So what did I do with this free time? I unloaded my groceries and organized everything so very nicely. I also cut up all the Dora vitamins, you know important stuff like that. Well, I know that since you have seen my freezer (see Where's the Beef) you have all been wondering what is in my fridge. No? You know at the end of the Rachael Ray magazine they always show a celebrity next to their fridge and they explain everything they have in there (usually just San Pellegrino and take out boxes) or on the MTV show Cribs they always show the Cristal in the fridge well, here is my version...

Yo Baby, for the girls and Yoplait Thick & Creamy for my favorite breakfast "Yogurt, Fruit, & Granola Parfait". I stole this fair and square from Scenic 90 Cafe and then McDonalds ripped off the idea and managed to turn something very yummy into something revolting. Seeing as I'm WAY too far from Scenic 90 I have to make my own.

Grapes that are washed and ready and screaming "Pick me pick me, we're easy to eat, not laborious like unwrapping a candy bar" and Ziploc bags of baby carrots at the ready.

Now this here, this is where all the magic happens. Diet Dr Pepper. Need I say more?

The beverage shelf, oh look there, another D.D.P. hello my lovely.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with a friend of Brian's uncle that's son is considering a college in our town. This morning we had church and then our weekly Panera trip with our best buds.

Stay tuned for the next episode, "What is behind these cabinets?".....only kidding.


  1. What a wonderful sweet sister you have to offer to watch your lovely child. You are so blessed to have her!

  2. Brian does look like Michael Scofield! (Jackie and I love that show -- we're currently catching up on Season 2 via Netflix). In fact, Brian sort of reminds me of the Scofield character -- not the "rob a bank so I can get into prison and break my brother out before he gets executed" part -- but the ability to soak up information like a sponge and organize it all in your brain in such a way that you can retrieve any fact, any piece of useful data, whenever it is necessary. Plus, my bet is that Michael Scofield's sock drawer (if he wasn't in prison or an escaped convict and actually had a sock drawer) would be just as organized as Brian's is. (Not that I've seen Brian's sock drawer lately, but in college I was always envious of how neatly sorted his socks were, and to this day I am still ashamed at how horribly disorganized mine is. Every morning, it's like, "Where are my navy socks? If only I was more like Brian...")