Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Need a Nap

Remember this trampoline in the middle of our street? Well, we had some pretty severe wind last night and this morning when I left the house I saw the same trampoline looking like this. I kind of feel sorry for them but it is hilarious. Maybe they should just get one of those old school little trampolines that were the aerobics craze in the early 90s. That way they could keep it indoors.

So we met my new friend and her kids along with my best pal Jennie and her kids at Noah's Ark today. The kids had a lot of fun. Noah has some competition because both of Debbie's little boys were all over Kate.

Looks like lots of you are interested in a health challenge. I've received the following sites for ideas: Discovery Health's National Body Challenge, FitDay, SparkPeople, Live Healthy AmericaI'll look through them when I get the chance (September when Kendall starts school, ha!) and either suggest we all join as a group (?) or pull the best features from each and start our own? I don't know give me some time to check them out.


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Have the trampoline people never heard of a tie down? m

  2. We have a trampoline and nothing has ever happened like this. Maybe because we have more trees.

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    We lost our trampoline last night in the storm. Stan's Dad just said less than a month ago that we should anchor it. It blew about 100 yards out into the field. It's in shambles, and we feel really stupid for not having it tied down!

  4. Oh Lesley, I'm sorry! That stinks. I never knew you had to anchor those things. It was a severe storm there was a lot of damage done around here. Our neighbors had major porch damage just from their front porch swing! Trees down everywhere and no power in a lot of places still today. So sorry that happened to you guys!

  5. Aww, look at my poor little guy. He looks like a caterpillar stuck in the mud! Kate will surely move on to Jack - he's got moves!

  6. Hey Ashley! I'm getting really addicted to this blogging thing. Anyway, I just learned about a new fitness program called Sensei. I don't know a lot about it but I think you give info about yourself online and then you get a customized program that works through your cell phone. I can't decide if it's innovative or weird. Check out