Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We Did It, We Did It

We have a preschooler!! Brian got in line at 6:15 (wind chill of 7!!!). The girls and I took his place at 7 (we were inside by then). I thought that we would be there until 9 waiting but the director came in early. We were the 2nd sign up! I took an enormous bag of toys but Kendall played (ran) with another little girl so I didn't need it. They just threw and kicked a little ball that I grabbed out of the car at the last minute. Figures. Oh, I think I mentioned that the 3 year olds have to be potty trained. Well, as soon as the director got there we took our spot in line and were waiting for our turn and Kendall says, "I have to go potty" What!?!?!? Luckily I turned in our paper work and ran to the bathroom with her. To sit there and do nothing. Oh well, it's progress.

Since Kendall expressed interest in Cinderella I also picked up "Snow White in New York" thinking that we could introduce some modern princesses too. I don't want her to think that every princess has to be rescued by a prince charming. However, I started to read it to her today while we were waiting but had to stop because it had phrases like, "Her mother was dead" and "Queen of the Underworld" , "Take her down and shoot her" and "Crowds of people stood in the rain and watched Snow White's coffin pass by". Oh my goodness! Maybe we'll pass on this one for awhile...or pass on it forever.


  1. Yay! In that picture she looks like she's going off to start her new adventure. A little sad, but mostly cute!

  2. Wow!! A preschooler!! She is growing up so fast. She DOES look like she is heading off down the hall to start her many years of school.....that will pass all too quickly......Congrats to you guys!

    love, paula

  3. Quite the little lady :) ...and signs of wanting to sit on the potty are really good! Congrats you ol' fart! haha! Love you!