Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today's Story

Well, Lorie beat me to the post about our dancing night. Find the story and pictures here.

Look what my hubby brought home tonight! Obviously he wants me to have a muffin top.

Something else that is cool. Check out this very cool Everyday Life photo book that Ali Edwards designed for Shutterfly. It's a super classy scrapbook for people that don't have the time to scrapbook. I love it, I think that the everyday life photos are brilliant, read the list of everyday photos she has. I printed it off and have already started taking them. Here is one, it has my Mandarin Orange Spice tea and a scrapbook page that I'm working on.


  1. That last picture makes me nervous! Don't leave a coffee (or tea) ring on your page! Aughh!

    And I welcome you to the muffin family :)

  2. This makes me miss my "little person" (Madison) so much. These pics are so cute!!!

    love you guys, paula